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Bios Mods -The Best BIOS Update and Modification Source -

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    as in the subject, I would like to get Advanced features in my BIOS.
    Here you are the link to the original one (F.29)

    I saw you already unlocked the same package, but it was for another model, so just say me if it is the same, or if you need to do something different in order to unlock advanced features.

    I attach also my BIOS dump (original F.29).

    .bin  0144.bin (Size: 1.5 MB / Downloads: 0)

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Best regards


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  • 11/16/13--12:45: I'm new to this
  • First off,
    Hello everyone my name is John aka Hyperj123. I'm not new to bios but I am to uefi. I have a hp envy dv6-7210us and I'm looking to take full advantage of it by unlocking it. I have no experience on a stock branded board (I always bought my boards unlocked for overclocking). If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great (Office space reference lol). I am running windows 8.1 as well. Please quote me when replying as well so i get a notification. If this is possible then I am greatly appreciative.
    Here is the current BIOS I'm running:
    File name:
    sp63517.exe [1/1, 5.28M]
    Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit


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    hi I;m fairly new to slp idea but hoping to get a mod of the most current asus m3a78 bios ver 2301 with dell slp that will support win7 pro from oem restore dvd.

    attached are acpi tables and unmodded bios

    Thanks abunch
    and I know there are other verions that have been modded but all I find are dead links. so I figured if I'm going to ask for help might as well get the latest version modded.

    .rar  AcpiTbls.rar (Size: 48.02 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .zip (Size: 624.14 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 11/16/13--17:53: PBE - Invalid Row Value
  • Unlocked hidden menus in BIOS for Toshiba laptop. Now if opening emulator "Advanced\Advanced Chipset Features\NB\PCI Express" in Phoenix BIOS Editor(2.2.13) on XP it crashes with error "Invalid Row Value". Is it an issue with my BIOS mod or PBE?

    [Image: vr4hnk.png]

    modded BIOS can be downloaded here -

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    i searched the Forum and the bios repository for an already flashed bios, but i couldnt find any. I want to use 2 other Wlan cards, but i always get the error: "Unauthorized WLAN network card is plugged in / Power off and remote it." Would be great if u could help me.

    Manufacturer : LENOVO
    Motherboard Model : IdeaPad B560
    Bios Revision : 39CN16WW
    Bios Type : Phoenix Bios
    Bios Download link :
    Card to be added: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002A&SUBSYS_3041103C&REV_01
    Card to be added: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_4101144D&REV_01
    Currently a Broadcom 4313 WLan Card is used.

    Thanks in advance!

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    can someone help me to unlock acer 6930zg phoenix bios ?

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    I have problem with my HP ENVY M6-1105dx with BIOS and UEFI i think Huh, it has a GPT Partition Table with Windows 8 Preinstalled, I want to install Bugtraq II and XP 64Bit with the Preinstalled Win 8 and i need the Advanced menu in my bios so i searched a lot about that subject and i guess that i need to unlock my BIOS InsydeH2O rev.3.7 F.35
    can somone help me ?
    this is my bios version update

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    I have problem with my HP ENVY M6-1105dx with BIOS and UEFI i think, it has a GPT Partition Table with Windows 8 Preinstalled, I want to install Bugtraq II and XP 64Bit with the Preinstalled Win 8 and i need the Advanced menu in my bios so i searched a lot about that subject and i guess that i need to unlock my BIOS InsydeH2O rev.3.7 F.35
    can somone help me ?
    this is my bios version update

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  • 11/17/13--16:30: [REQUEST] Lenovo e130
  • i´d like to request a whitelist removal for my e130. You would make me very happy, i hate to deal with broadcom drivers in linux.

    Here s a dump of my bios

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    I am requesting for some help in removing the wi-fi whitelist that my laptop, a Lenovo G500 (not G500s) has.

    The download Link for the Bios is:

    My BIOS is 78CN23WW(V2.01) and like it says, I am on 2.01

    I am afraid I don't know how to check the PCI ID of my wireless card but if someone can show me a link or a program that can do so I am willing to provide it (I'm afraid that in the thread to do this requests it doesn't teach you how to do it for those like myself that aren't too tech-savvy).

    Under Device Manager it says I have a Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter with a driver of I tried looking for information from Broadcom's and Lenovo's websites but I couldn't find anything that looks like an ID. I have an Atheros Ethernet card if that helps. I've been scouting how unrealiable Broadcom wireless cards are and I want to get rid of it ASAP for an Intel one that also includes Bluetooth (as the Broadcom does not have Bluetooth)

    The Backup of my BIOS is:

    I also have just two quick questions:

    1. I am on Windows 8 but if I flash my BIOS, install the wireless card and then upgrade to 8.1, will it affect my card or BIOS? Will I have to flash it again or will it brick my laptop? Is it safe to do?

    2. If a new BIOS version comes out, what should I do? If I update the BIOS, will it affect the wireless card? Will I have to flash the BIOS again? Will it brick my system? Should I prevent myself from updating the BIOS version?

    Thank you to anyone in advance who can help me resolve this situation. Please reply if you cannot access my backup file on Dropbox (Dropbox has been acting funky for the past few days for me

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    Hi all,

    Can somebody please help me by removing wlan whitelist.

    -Manufacturer: Lenovo
    -Model: IdeaPad Z480
    -Bios Revision: 5FCN34WW
    -Bios backup link :

    Many many thanks......

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    Hello i really would need slic 2.1 on my Asus P6T7. I have searched but didnt find any slic modded bios for this old X58 motherboard!?

    Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : Asus P6T7 WS SuperComputer
    -Bios Revision : BIOS V1001
    -Bios Type : No UEFI
    -Bios SLIC : Requesting Asus 2.1 ?
    -Bios Link :

    Thanks a alot!

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    My pc has insyde h20 f.66 3.5 bios.....but it doesnot have 'advanced' tab.....can you please help me to unlock it for the advanced tab please.....

    BIOS Download link:
    motherboard manufacturer: hewlett packard

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  • 11/19/13--23:35: Dell XPS 14(L421X)
  • Hi
    Can someone please unlock this BIOS ?
    My major problem is that Sata operation has no RAID option even though there is a RAID controller onboard.
    So I cannot use RAID or configure my SSD for smart response even with Sata operation set to Intel smart Response
    Also optimus cannot be disabled

    It would be great if this bios could be modded.


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    Hi, kindly ask for help to enable "Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230" in my "HP Pavilion dv5-1157eg" or remowe the whitelist-check.

    -Manufacturer: HP
    -Motherboard Model: Quanta 3603
    -Motherboard Chipset: Intel PM45 (Cantiga-PM) + ICH9M (Base)
    -Bios revision: F.21
    -BIOS Date: 08/20/2009
    -BIOS Manufacturer: Insyde Software
    -Bios Download Link:
    -Current original card (like): Intel WiFi 5100 AGN
    -Hardware Ids: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4237&SUBSYS_12118086&REV_00
    -Card to be added (like): Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230
    -Hardware Ids: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0888&SUBSYS_42628086&REV_C4

    and if possible activate the advanced menue

    Please help me,
    Thank you

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    Please help me remove whitelist for G580 (20157)

    This is my bios backup

    plzz somebody help me...need it desperately

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    Hi there,

    I recently bought a third-party battery for my Dell Studio 1749 laptop. Despite the seller assuring it was genuine, surprise surprise, it isn't and the machine refuses to charge the battery just because it isn't a genuine Dell product.
    Some people with other Dell laptops have had success getting round this problem by downgrading their BIOSes to older versions that didn't have the limitiation. This hasn't worked with any of the revisions available for me, but it's clearly something in the BIOS doing the check... my question is, is removing the code that does the check something that can be done through manually modding the BIOS?

    This is the BIOS in question.


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    -Manufacturer: LENOVO
    -Model: X220
    -Bios revision: 1.38
    -Bios Type: UEFI
    -Bios Download Link:
    -Card I want to use: Atheros AR9280

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi everyone, I'm here to request the removal of the whitelist from my bios. I made a backup of my bios below using Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit 2.0

    Manufacturer: Lenovo
    Model: P580
    BIOS Revision: 5ECN32WW (V2.02)
    BIOS Link:

    Original WiFi Card: Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200
    New WiFi Card: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 11/20/13--23:11: Dell 2320 AIO
  • i have a dell 2320 and a i5-3570k i know the computer can support the i5-2500k because i saw a user upgrade his before to it but before i rip the thing apart i would like to either get its bios modded to support the 3570k or make sure it will work Smile

    stock bios is here:

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